More Than Half Of P...
More Than Half Of Porn Addicts Tried More Than 20 Times To Stop Watching
More Than Half Of Porn Addicts Tried More Than 20 Times To Stop Watching
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Millions of people are addicted to watching adult content on the web.  
The access is easy and Bokep it's easy to keep your habit as a secret. At the same time, Video Porno people affected by this addiction find it difficult to look for Foto Telanjang help. Often, Porn Video they try to overcome their problem by themselves. Lavario, Video Bokep one of the world's largest provider of self-help program against Porn Video and Bokep Porn Sex addictions, Video Porno have pub-lished the results of a recent survey among their customers.  
Nine out of ten tried numerous times More than half of the respondents tried more than 20 times to stop watching - or at least to reduce their consumption of explicit images considerably. Twenty percent stated that they tried between ten and Foto Telanjang twenty times to break their addictions.  
Less than 10% answered that they're trying it for Foto Telanjang the first time. These numbers relate to the times before they started with the self-help program. Several conclusions can be drawn out of those results. Great despair and Foto Telanjang low self-esteem Obviously, there is great despair among Porn Video addicts.  
It isn't difficult to imagine how you feel when you try to break a bad habit for Bokep so many times and Porn Video always fail. An earlier survey of Lavario showed that almost four out of five addicts suffer from strong feelings of shame and Video Bokep guilt and Foto Porno from a low self-esteem.  
At the same time, Foto Telanjang it shows that the suffering must be considerable as these people try again and again to break their addiction despite the constant failures. It also shows the strength of the addiction: Video Bokep despite good propositions and numerous attempts people still don't get away from it.  
Two typical mistakes Lavario explains that most addicts commit two mistakes when trying to quit Porn Video. First of all, Porn Sex it would be more reasonable to reduce the daily dose of adult content gradually, Porn Video e.g. during two months. Instead, Porn Video most addicts try to get away from it overnight and Indo Bokep therefore provoke a high chance of cravings and relapses.  
Secondly, Bokep good intentions aren't sustainable unless they are supported by a therapy or by a self-help program. Addicts must find out why they ran into their problems. They must identify the problems driving them towards explicit content. Addicts must understand Video Porno which are the daily triggers for watching Porn Video, Foto Telanjang how to reject watching, Porn Video how to de-velop alternatives.  
With good support there are great chance to break an addiction within eight weeks. I'm Frank Lavario and Porn Sex I founded the .  
I spent most of my adult life in Europe, Bokep in the US and Foto Telanjang in South America, helping people fight their addictions. I still haven't overcome my own addiction of eating too much chocolate, Porn Video though. For <a href="" rel=  
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